When designing your ecommerce store, online sex shop, accentuate product details and create a seamless buying experience for customers to increase sales.

Use color to attract customers.

If you’re designing an ecommerce website, consider using principles of color psychology to aid your conversion rates. There are a number of studies that show the use of red in CTA buttons can increase click-through by up to 34%.

Make your checkout process easy and seamless.

Shopping cart abandonment can be as high as 70%. This means that a lot of people have started the checkout process and abandoned their carts before completing the transaction. The top three reasons for cart abandonment are unexpected shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, and the need to create an account. These things can be easily prevented by focusing on customer experience design (CXD).

Make sure to place customer reviews in visible places.

When you’re designing an e-commerce site, think about how you can use customer reviews and testimonials to convince potential buyers to purchase your products. Social proof—which we covered in our cross-selling tips article—is one of the most effective methods of recommendation.

Let Your Customers Reach You Easily

To encourage customers to complete their transactions, make sure your checkout process is simple and easy to use. In addition, it’s important to make it easy for customers to reach support if they have any questions or issues.

Make your product pages more enticing Products make your ecommerce website stand out from the rest, but to get customers clicking through to buy, you need to optimize product pages by keeping them easy to navigate and including social proof such as customer reviews, high-quality images and clear calls-to-action.