The objective of the following instruction set is to ultimately connect remotely to your website provider’s servers via Secure Shell (SSH) with a live web database connection.

Note: This instruction set is moderately difficult and a working knowledge of IP address formats, port settings and format, web server connections, and third-party applications for Remote SSH client applications is very helpful.

Working knowledge of the following is a pre-requisite. The following steps and requirements are not in the scope of this instruction set.

  • IP address formats
  • Port settings and formats
  • Connecting with your website provider’s server via Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Database server connection via your cPanel application, both provided by your website hosting provider
  • mySQL databases and tables as well


This following instructions set is only a simple guide. It is not meant to take the place of a professional. Do not use this guide as a Printing Services configuration guide on a live web hosting application that may fail due to errors in configuration.


Does your website host let you connect directly to their database server using third-party software through cPanel or connect remotely to their database server? The answer is usually, No! Youmay ask yourself, why do I need to connect to my web hosting provider’s database server or why does it matter anyway? It matters if you need a remote secure connection to your web hosting provider’s database server. Or if you need a remote secure connection to your web hosting provider’s database server for third-party software integration. If you are having troubles with the above applications, please read the following instruction set.


I will show one way to connect remotely with your web hosting provider’s database server. You do this through your web hosting provider, a copy of Secure Shell (SSH) client software, and port forwarding application software. The solution to this application has many steps and is a bit difficult to configure, but this is what your website hosting provider will need. Below you will find detailed instructions explaining how to remotely connect to your web hosting provider’s database server using “Remote SSH client” software in your cPanel provided by your web hosting provider.


You will need to meet three requirements to complete this task.

  • Contact your web hosting provider and ask that Remote SSH application be enabled.
  • Obtain a copy of an SSH client software package.
  • Follow these instructions carefully.
  • Use the default settings for the software packages and configuration requirements. The default settings will make learning this particular application less confusing and to the point.