You probably realize that color is important. After all, so much of the joy of life is the richness of color, whether it’s a brightly colored butterfly or a new paint job on a car. Color is critically important, as man is a visual creature. Ask any ad executive or marketing executive about the importance of color in an advertisement, and you are likely to hear more on the subject than you may have ever cared to know. Color plays a vital role in advertising, so much so, in fact, that industrial psychiatrists and other experts are often on the payrolls of large corporations expressly for the purpose of helping in the creation of corporate images.

Advertisers and marketers know the Web Design Calgary importance of color for all media whether it is television, print or the Internet. You too have to realize that color is a vital element in web design. Top web designers know that color is a vital element, and they use color to its fullest. There is a psychology behind color and how it is used. Good web designers not only realize this fact, but also expressly look for colors and color palates that will effectively convey the emotion and tone that their clients are seeking to convey.

It may be a little tricky, but try and imagine that you are visiting your site for the first time. Keep in mind what look and feel you would like your site to have. Once you have done this very simple exercise, you will realize the importance of color. The contrast and interplay of different colors on a website do much not just to draw in the eye, but to draw attention and create mood as well.

If you still don’t think color is important, consider the difference between black and white television and color television. When color televisions were introduced, they blew people minds for a reason. To this day, advertisers are still willing to pay a serious premium to have color ads instead of black and white ones in magazines and newspapers. Color is that important.