Property buying or selling should not be done in a hurry because you stand to miss out on a good opportunity when you are in a hurry. Besides, you need to buy/sell after studying the real estate trends and taking action only when the conditions are favourable. However, if for some reason you are hard-pressed for time and need to sell your property now, the best way to do it is by selling it without an agent.

Why is it beneficial to sell without an agent if you need to sell your “property now?”

When a real estate agent sells your home, he has several properties to focus on and he will not be able to prioritise the sale of your home. As a result, the sale of your property will get delayed.

In case you engage a real estate agent to sell your property, and push him to close the deal fast, he may not be able to sell your Agence immobilière Lausanne property at the best price it may be able to fetch otherwise.

On the other hand, if you decide to sell your property on your own, and you want to sell it fast, you will surely focus your time and efforts towards the sale of the property. This will bring you better outcomes besides saving you on the agent’s commission.

Many property owners get intimidated by the thought of selling a home on their own as they think that it is very difficult and end up paying high amounts as commissions to real estate agents. However, selling your property without an agent is not very complicated but you may require some guidance at certain stages of the sale.

 Here are some guidelines for selling your property now:

  1. Clear the Clutter

The first step is de-cluttering your home of any articles that are hampering the beauty of your home. Make sure that you remove all extra objects and especially articles such as photographs, etc. that are personal in nature.

  1. Repairs

Make sure that your home is in good condition. There should be no broken tiles, or non-functional faucets, etc. You could even consider giving your home a coat of paint to refresh it.

  1. Pricing the Property

Accurate pricing of your home is important to sell it fast in the market. For pricing it, you could research the internet for prices of similar properties in the vicinity. You will also need to study real estate trends in the city.

Here you could use some help. You could consult a professional property evaluator to price your property.

  1. Take high-quality photographs

Photographs will be required for listing your home online. Therefore, it is important that you take high-quality photographs that make a lasting impression. Also, record a virtual tour of your home to market your property.

  1. Listing your Property

Choose a reliable, high-visibility website for listing your property. You can list your property by uploading a description of your property. Make sure that your description is not too long otherwise the audience will lose interest in reading it. The description should be brief and interesting. You can upload photographs and a virtual of your home so that potential buyers can get an idea about the property.

You could list your property on multiple sites to enhance its exposure. It is a good idea to share the listing on social media platforms as well for a wider reach.

  1. Connect to Buyers

Potential buyers will view the listing and connect with you directly. You will be able to find buyers on your own without a real estate agent.

  1. Arranging Viewings

The next step is taking the buyers to view your property. Once both parties have agreed on the sale, the next step is negotiating the price.

  1. Negotiating the Price

Price negotiations can be quite difficult for a first-time seller. However, you need to be confident while negotiating the price. A handy tip is to decide beforehand the minimum price that you are willing to sell your home for and being firm on it. Secondly, when you quote a price for your home, ensure that you quote a higher price so that there is room for negotiation.

  1. Closing the Deal

Closing the deal entails detailed documentation. The paperwork for closing the sale of a property is complicated because you need to be aware of the legal terms and conditions for selling the home. You can hire a legal professional to help you with this step.

This is a brief outline of the steps involved in selling your property now without an agent. It is not very complicated. With a little assistance, you can become an agent for your property and sell it. And, when you sell your home yourself, you can sell it faster, you will be in control of the process and you don’t have to pay a commission to an agent!