Adult dating sites are always contentious.  Some people refuseto use them, some people use them exclusively.  They cause debateon morality and a range of other issues.  As you’d be aware of bynow though, at Dating Down Under, we aren’t really interested in these types of opinions.  We are open minded enough to know thatpeople like these sites, so they obviously provide a valuable service somewher.  So we’d rather take the position of advising you of some of the pros, cons, dangers and rewards thiscategory of dating site bdsm exposes you to, so you can be betterprepared if you decide adult dating is for you.

As such, we have put together a page on our website to review adult dating sites.  We only put up sites on this page, which we have vetted and believe offer a high value service.  There are many sites out there which we have reviewed and found lacking.  These substandard sites are fraught with dangers, some of which we list below, putting you and your finances at risk.

Dangers Of Adult Dating Sites

There are many dangers with adult dating sites.  The dangers thesesites pose to men tend to be different to women, so we have splitthese up and summarised them below:

Adult Dating Sites – Dangers To WomenTypically the dangers a woman faces from these sites are dangers toher “person”.  These sites tend primarily to emphasise opensexuality in dating, and therefore there is an expectation thata date will quickly escalate into a sexual encounter.  Obviouslyproblems can quickly arise where the expectations of a date differbetween the participants.