A church in an area of Cardiff has had to sell off part of its land for development. The Ely Baptist Church and community centre on Archer Road has structural problems and at the moment has a congregation of just 12 people. The building has large patches of damp and there are cracks running down all of the walls. So far the church has been unable to afford restoration work and has been unable to raise funds.

As a result of this the church has  https://bubba-land.com/arkansas/ now sold off half of its land, the intention is to be flats on the land. On the remaining land the Cardiff church is planning on combining a community centre and church. The acting pastor Ian Thomas has confirmed that they will demolish the current church building and then combine the new church with a community centre. He also confirmed that the rest of the land will go to tender to then become flats.

The planning permission is for a block of 18 one-bedroom flats and 4 toe-bedroom flats. The block could be up to three storey’s high in places. The church is also hoping that the new development will also attract people to the place. The building will cost £500,000 to build and will deter vandalism as there have been problems in the past. The church sits on a roundabout in a busy junction. Although the plans were met with objections from 41 residents and the Ely Councillor Suzanne Goddard, Cardiff council still approved them at a planning committee. The councillor expressed concerns about the increase in traffic at the roundabout and also the safety of pedestrians. She felt that it was sad that churches are being forced to sell off land for development. She also said that she understood resident’s feelings about the proposed development. However some of the residents who live opposite the proposed development were in favour of it. Selling off part of the church’s land was the idea of the previous pastor Malcolm White who sadly died last month.