Many women are leaving the workplace and becoming work at home moms. Women are leaving the workplace twice as fast as men.

On the job stress and the fact that many couples have chosen to raise their own children instead of having someone else do it, is fueling this trend. It is just about every working woman’s dream of being work at home mom and caring for ADU their children. You may have decided that it is much more important for you to experience your child’s first steps and for you to instill your values in your child instead of letting the local day care worker do this.

Unfortunately, this dream of being work at home moms is becoming harder and harder to obtain. Within every minute of every day the price of our necessities is rising. It’s not just the fuel that we use in our cars and to heat our homes, but every other utility, household product, and now more than ever, the food that we eat.

Because of this, many work at home moms are now scrambling and searching for a “perfect” home-based business. They don’t want to lose their dream. They finally managed to cut-back to the bare-minimum, they have learned how to frugally cook and thrift shop like the pros, there is no way they can trim the budget any further; and yet, after all their hard work they are finding themselves in a panic over their finances once again.can be a good option for all moms. Work at home not only gives you an extra source of income but also extra time.
The variety of home-based businesses is much larger than it used to be, and according to my research a new on line business is created every 10 seconds. You can imagine how confusing this can be for someone with very little business experience. Because so many mothers are now looking for on line businesses I have pin-pointed some questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding on a particular business.
How do you do it? This is often the most worrisome question for all prospective work at home moms.
Time Management for your Home Business
Seriously, time management is a serious issue for work at home moms. You want your home business to be a success, but you don’t want the rest of your responsibilities to fall by the wayside… especially your children, who are the reason you chose to work from home in the first place.
While you’re probably already doing some of the obvious things like taking advantage of nap times and bedtime, I hope you find some additional ideas from the following time management tips to make things easier for you while working from home and caring for young children.

Have a clear purpose when you go on line
All work at home moms should have a definite purpose in mind whenever you go to your computer. It helps to keep a notebook by your computer always with your goals and to-do lists in it, all in once place. This helps prevent you from aimlessly checking email or surfing the net and getting lost. Know what you need to accomplish, write it down, do it, and move on to the next activity.
Outsource as many tasks as you can afford Consider hiring a virtual assistant if you have a lot of administrative tasks. Or pay your kids to do things for you that are age appropriate. This can even be a tax deductible expense. Check with your accountant.
Analyze your activities
Think about the steps you engage yourself in with your business and see if those tasks are really paying off for you. A lot of things that work at home moms do things like join safe-lists, traffic exchanges and other activities that most Internet marketing experts agree are not the best use of your time. Ask people who are where you want to be in your business how they manage their time.